New Work

 The Uncertainty Principle

The fear and uncertainty surrounding the last year set me on a course  to find a deeper and perhaps more authentic sense of expression in my painting; an attempt at being a little more vulnerable and a little less opaque;  a time to disregard the inner critic and simply embrace the idea of image making as a powerful expression of being fully human.  Peggy Murphy

Drawings for Uncertain Times, acrylic/paper, 72″x18″, 2020

Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide.”
                                                         Donald Woods Winnicott

Drawings for Uncertain Times II all work is 42″x36″, acrylic on paper                                                   

The Uncertainty Principle  Series  all work is 42″x36″, acrylic on paper

The Uncertainty Principle, acrylic on paper 84″x 48″, 2020